Wesley P Eldridge (AKA PrismaSlice) is a Seattle based technical artist, VFX artist, and game designer excitedly exploring the cutting edge of interactive storytelling, trans-media, and gorilla game development. A multi-disciplinarian with extensive experience working with VR / AR, console, mobile, and enterprise platforms. He learns new tools as ravenously as a child eats candy. Originally from Arizona, he left the sun and sand of the Southwest for the sublime weather and brighter outlook of the Pacific Northwest.



Planning and building flexible tools, pipelines, and visual effects that empower the creation of beautiful, performant, playable games.

Bridging the gap between art, design, and engineering disciplines.

Rapid Prototyping tools, materials, VFX, and game mechanics, then iterating on them to until they are ready for prime time.

PBR based deferred and forward rendering paths, material creation, and post processing.

Using Fluid and Physics simulations from external applications like Houdini to bring effects and interactive storytelling to the next level.

Organic and Hard-Surface modeling using ZBrush and 3DS Max

Building robust procedural material graphs in Substance Designer

Optimizing assets and systems for highly resource-constrained platforms such as console, mobile, and VR / AR / MR.

Extensive production art and animation experience in both 2D and 3D

Leadership and mentorship to junior artists including technical and art direction


C#, JavaScript, Python, Visual Scripting (Blueprints, Substance, World Machine)


ENGINES | Unreal and Unity
3D | ZBrush, 3DS Max, Marvelous Designer, Maya, Marmoset Toolbag
VFX and TECHNICAL | Houdini, Substance Suite, World Machine, Visual Studio
2D | Photoshop, Illustrator, Spine, After Effects, Fusion 8, Resolve

Recent Projects

TECH ART and VFX | PrismaSlice | PC / Console

Built a variety of systems, Post Processes, and VFX for eventual sale on the Unreal and/or Unity asset stores.

  • ThermalFX | A system for simulating heat transfer, fire, and burnt materials as a rough approximation of black-bodies interaction in Unreal Engine 4. 
  • SplatFX | A parameter driven particle and decal system for simulating viscous liquids (Mostly Blood) in Unreal Engine 4.
  • ECHOFX | A highly tweakable post process effect for creating radiating energy fields.
  • NOIRFX | A stylized post process effect for creating in real-time the B&W illustrative style of Dawid Planeta.

Tech Art and art direction | Tomorrow TOday Labs | VR

Created a variety of environments, props, interactive elements, and visual effects for VR experiences targeting the Vive. Acted as a lead and Mentor for a junior artist.

VR Orthopedic Surgical Simulation | OSSO VR | VR

Developed a pipeline for converting CAD and SolidWorks assets for surgical instruments into VR-ready real-time assets including steps and best practices for mesh cleanup, UV Layout, and Material development to be followed by Junior artists and contractors.

5 Charms video poker | Strong Suit Games | Mobile

Created a wide variety of particle effects, custom flow maps, and bespoke animations. Also responsible for UI/UX and other design and visual elements of development.


Game Art Mercenary | Independent Contractor| 2009- 2017

Created production art, animation, materials, and tools for a variety of clients.


  • Tomorrow Today Labs
  • Strong Suit Games
  • Stumbling Cat
  • OssOVR
  • BendVR


The Art Institute of Phoenix | 2006

Bachelor of Arts - Game Art and Design