A parameter driven Post Process effect for Unreal Engine 4


A powerful tool for creating a variety of radiating energy effects such as Echo-location, Energy ripples, and healing Energy. Driven by a post-process material and control blueprint, it is capable of making a wide variety of effects and is easily extendable to empower designers and artists. Useful as a single effect or for building more elaborate effects on top of. 


  • Uses the World position of each pixel to drive the UV coordinates of a pulse material, offset by the pixel normal to follow the texture's contours and avoid a flat look.
  • Blends this effect with other Post Process effects using a stencil buffer for masking out or manipulating specific meshes
  • A control script manages the entire effect and can include custom behaviors such as ping-pong, fades, color, and timing manipulations

A wide variety of effects can be quickly achieved and iterated upon through Parameter Tweaking

Material and Script